Monday, 16 July 2007

Yakima Preview

Front Office Can Win for Yakima Bears
YAKIMA (AP)—The front office could win the Western International League pennant for Yakima this season—if team president Dewey Soriano could pitch every game.
The head man of the reorganised and renamed Yakima Bears, who was going to fling once a week or only when needed, probably will have to take a regular turn on the hill unless and until the Bruins get some mound help.
There's nothing wrong with the rest of the club.
Yakima fans have to wait until Friday to see their team in league action but they got a gander at the club in exhibition play and liked what they saw. The team comes home from Canada to launch the home schedule against Victoria.
Bears Built For Speed
President-pitcher Soriano, with the aid of the parent San Francisco Seals, has done a thorough face-lifting on the cellar crew of the past two seasons here. The club is built for speed, with the accent on youth.
Manager Joe Orengo has lined up some seasoned talent for key positions, however. The 1948 boss of the Sacramento Solons has built around solid players like Edo Vanni, Ray Orteig, Ted Jennings and Gene Thompson.
Vanni and Thompson compose two-thirds of what could be the best outfield in the league. Ernie
(Babe) Gammino, up from Salt Lake City of the Pioneer league, is a question mark in rightfield.
Jennings at third is set. Two Pioneer league graduates, Dick Briskey and Al Jacinto, offer a
youthful but capable keystone combination. Briskey, a long-ball hitter, is at shortstop. Jacinto, who will field with anybody in the league, is at second.
Orengo counts on Leroy Paton, former Los Angeles and Tacoma first baseman, for the big glove
post. Paton has been ailing and Vearl (Snag) Moore has been filing in for him. Moore figures to
get the utility role although Gene Gaviglio may give him a battle.
Orteig Studies Catching
The catching is good. Ray Orteig, down from the Seals, is the No. 1 maskman and headed right back for the Coast league. Orengo figures Orteig will be ready after a year's work with the mask. There's no doubt about his hitting. Nini Tornay is the No. 2 catcher. He's a youngster with great promise leading the team at bat in spring games.
Soriano is the only mound reliable. The Bears got help from the Seals when Bob Drilling was optioned here. Dick Drilling, Bob's younger brother, has looked good in spring drills as has Max Strait, a holdover. All are righthanders.
Two southpaws up from Salt Lake City loom as starters. They are Ted Savarese and Lloyd Dick
ey The latter is quick but wild. Rookie Bill Bradford, a righthander, has shown enough in practice
games to get a shot at league teams.
Mejia Socorro. Pete Younie and Percy Fisher, an 18-year-old negro, will probably be sent out for
Opposing nines may outscore this club but they will never outrun the Bears.

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