Monday, 16 July 2007

Vancouver Preview

Vancouver If-Maybe Team In WIL
United Press Sports Writer
VANCOUVER, B.C., April 18 (UP)—The Vancouver Capilanos “if and maybe” team was sharpening for the season's opener April 21 against the Spokane Indians, defending WIL champions today.
But Manager Bill Brenner won't go out on a limb with this year's squad.
Brenner, in his third year as Cap helmsman, knows this is the year he must deliver ... or else. And he bore down when his charges started to work March 31 at Penticton, B.C. He did say that this is the best-conditioned club he has seen and is hopeful this factor will give the Caps an early-season edge.
Capliano stock took an upswing when General Manager Bob Brown grabbed off Bud Sheely, long ball hitter and dependable catcher from the Seattle Rainiers, son of Earl Sheely, Suds’ general manager. Bud hit .317 and drove in 108 runs for Spokane last year.
The Caps are happy about ex-Tacoman Ray Tran. Ray is acting as Brenner's assistant and will form part of a brother act in the infield with Len moving over from third to second.
One of the Vancouver “ifs” is First Baseman Bob McLean, a lanky lad who is strong defensively, but weak with the willow.
Jim Robinson appeared to have the hot corner sewed up, but Jimmy Moore, 18, Long Beach, Calif., youngster, gave Robinson a run for the money.
Brown hopes to get a couple of outfielders from the parent Rainiers. Possibilities are Thad De Guerlco, Jim Keating or Billy Boyce.
Charley Mead, former New York Giant, is in right field and holdover Orrin Snyder in left. Mead arrived in camp only to learn of the sudden death of his son in Los Angeles and left immediately.
The “maybe” part of the 1949 edition of the Capilanos centers around the mound corps. It can be either sensational, or lousy.
The Caps' biggest winner last year was Bob Snyder (15-8), right-handed stylist and brother of Outfielder Orrin. Holdover Larry Manier (7-7) was most impressive in training.
Biggest question mark is Lefty Jim Hedgecock, a 21-game winner two seasons ago. He only scratched a 2-10 record last year.

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