Monday, 16 July 2007

Spokane, Wenatchee and Other Pre-Season Stuff

Spokane Pitching Staff Gets Lift Before Vancouver Opener
SPOKANE, Apr. 20—The pitching staff of the Spokane Indians took on a new look today with the season opener coming up Thursday in Vancouver.
The Indians business office has announced that two former Bremerton Bluejackets will help Spokane defend the Western International League crown it won in 1948.
The new Indians are Keith Simon and John Conant, who won 40 games between them last year for the Jackets. Conant won 23 and lost 10, while Simon was winning 17 and dropping 11.
The Indian mound staff now rounds up as Bill Werbowski, Jack Teagan, Lee Howard and the two new men as starters. Relief chores will probably fall to Dick Bishop or Ken Kimball.
Both Conant and Simon had a try with Oakland of the Pacific Coast League but failed to make the grade.
Big Joe Rossi will catch the Indian flingers this year backed up by Larry Parks or Bill Sheets.

WENATCHEE, Apr. 19—With youth well seasoned by exprience, strong behind the plate and on the mound, the Wenatchee Chiefs are ready for their Western Intertnational baseball opener against Bremerton here Friday night.
Seven of the 18 players have been in Chief uniform previously. For the rest, from owners through manager, the Chiefs bear no resemblance to last year's seventh place finishers.
Sportsmen Bought Club
A quintet of Yakima sportsmen bought the team last winter from Sacramento. Babe Hollingbery, former WSC football coach, is president. Dick Richards, former Yakima W.I.L. owner, is general manager. They named a former Yakima utility man, Charlie Peterson, manager to replace Chuck Cronin.
Peterson has gathered players with experience ranging from none to triple A. Back from last year's team are pitchers Lou McCollum, Stan Gilson, and Leroy Stevens, and infielder Neil Bryant. Players who were with the Chiefs the year before include catchers Nick Pesut and Leroy Winter. The former caught last year for Sacramento; Winter was with Grand Rapids.
League fans win remember Cy Greenlaw, former Tacoma hurler purchased by the Chiefs.
Four B Rookies
Peterson has four class B rookies. Bob Goldstein, who played in the Brooklyn East-West game from Spokane two years ago, is at first Dick Faber, up from San Bernadino, is in one outfield post. Louis Parego, with only Junior Legion experience, is in another. Pitcher Bob Bruce was with the Chiefs briefly last year.
Down from triple A leagues, the Chiefs will have veteran pitchers Joe Orrell, Cliff Bartholomew,
and Hank Weaver. Clint Cameron, former Hollywood catcher, is playing the outfield, but also may fill in at first.
Only need at the moment, according to Petersen, is an infielder. Fred Monge, slated for the second base spot, is in California hospitalized with a hip injury received during training camp season. “But we'll have a replacement by Friday night,” Petersen predicted.
The Chiefs trained in Lindsay, California, won 11 and lost five games of the exhibition season—
all against California State and Far West league teams.
Clear Weather
VICTORIA, B. C., Apr. 19—Clear weather was forecast Wednesday night for the Western International baseball league's Victoria opening where Athletics face Yakima Bears.
However only one starting pitcher was certain as Joe Orengo, Bear manager, weighed three possibles for his choice.
Part owner- president Dewey Soriano, Dick Drilling or Teddy Savarise all could handle the opener, Orengo said Wednesday night.
Pilot Ted Norbert of the A's was sending Larry Ward, last year with Ventura, to the mound.
Civic dignitaries are scheduled to participate in pre-game ceremonies.

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