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Sunday, May 15, 1949

               W  L Pct. GB
Yakima ...... 19  4 .826 —
Salem ....... 14  9 .609 5
Bremerton ... 12 12 .500 7½
Vancouver ... 10 10 .500 7½
Wenatchee ... 10 14 .417 9½
Victoria .... 10 14 .417 9½
Spokane ...... 9 13 .409 10½
Tacoma ....... 8 16 .333 11½

First game
Yakima ........ 410 151 200—14 14 0
Tacoma ....... 002 000 000—2 5 7
B. Drilling and Orteig; Fortier, Johnson (9) and Warren.
Second game
Yakima ......... 000 130 5—9 8 1
Tacoma ........ 200 031 2—8 19 4
Budnick, D. Drilling (7) and Tornay; Knezovich, Lazor (7) and Holmes.

First game
Bremerton ........... 000 000 021—3 8 3
Spokane .............. 311 022 13x—13 13 1
Halstead, Holt (6), Gipson (8) and Constantino, Corey (6); Werbowski and Rossi.
Second Game
Bremerton ........... 000 221 000—5 11 4
Spokane .............. 000 002 50x—7 6 2
Simon, Pirack (7), Lee (7) and Ronning, Constantino (7), Corey (8); Kimball, Bishop (5) and Parks.


Fire Burns Out Texas Ball Park
FORT WORTH, Tex., May 16—Officials of the Fort Worth Texas League ball club today sought a place to play out the home schedule while the fire marshal investigated a fire that wiped out three-fourths of the park.
The main stands at La Grave field were devastated early yesterday at a cost of more than $1,000,000. Enough seats were left, however, that, an afternoon game between Fort Worth and San Antonio could be played. But the club then transferred to San Antonio for games tonight and tomorrow night and club president John Reeves said games Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with Houston also may be transferred.
There was a hint of arson, but thus far officials say they have no idea how and where the fire started.
It was a bad day all the way around for the Fort Worth club with the stands burning in the morning and the team losing to San Antonio 2-0 in the afternoon. Some 3,000 turned out and occupied box and bleacher seats and grandstand extensions undamaged by the fire.
Reeves was looking into the possibility of using Farrington field, the high school athletic plant, of Rockwood park where the local amateur teams play. Rockwood park is small but Farrington field seats 18,000. He also said that three steel light standards that collapsed in the fire could be replaced and night ball might be played at the park.
Six other standards around the outfield were undamaged.
The fire occurred almost three hours after Fort Worth had played Shreveport and the only person in the park was Ezra Bland, the groundskeeper. He had made his rounds only 15 minutes before the fire broke out.
One person was injured. He was Hippolito Gonzales, who was sitting outside the fence. He had missed the bus, he said, and was thinking about calling a taxicab. He suffered second degree burns on the back and went to the hospital.
Reeves said the stands that were burned cost about $750,000 and that it would require about $1,250,000 to replace them. The concessions booths and the press box were also destroyed and the roof of Mr. Reeves' office was caved in. No record were lost.
The Fort Worth club and park are owned by Brooklyn of the National League.

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